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London Academy of
 Iranian Studies

Introducing the project
The feature movie, “The Fire of Love” is based on Rumi’s Mathnawi and will be produced as 2D animation. This Movie is six episodes and each episode is based on the books of Mathnawi, consequently. Rumi is a great Iranian Poet and Mystic who lived in the thirteen century (AD). Mathnawi, a book of poetry, is one of the World’s greatest masterpieces in mystical literature, the bestselling poetry book in the United States of America, and the best selling poetry book worldwide. Mathnawi consists of stories in the form of poems, which are vibrant with the tone of ecstasy and with melody, and deals with human psychology, soul and spirit. Love is the main theme in Rumi’s stories, which describe the spirit’s journey through life. Mathnawi is a story of human separation and man’s desire to return to its transcendent source.

In Mathnawi, different human characters such as King, Handmaiden, Doctor, Goldsmith, Businessman, Minister, Ambassador, Musician, Emperor, Desert dweller, Painter, Prophet, Warrior, Mystic and Perfect man, are introduced. Mathnawi analyses the different problems and issues faced by the human spirit, and offers solutions. However, it points to Love as the final and ultimate solution to all mankind’s problems. The main messages of this film are Love, spirituality, World peace, Tolerance, respecting all cultures and civilizations, spiritual, unity between humans and the unity of all religions. The story is set in an eastern atmosphere, Hence eastern music is used to aid the audience to connect with the sotry. The writer and researcher of the story is one of the world’s greatest specialists on Rumi’s Mathnawi, and is a Lecturer at the University of London.

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